Doug Brown

When I was a kid, my siblings and I knew there were a few rules we had to follow. Don’t […]

Doug Brown

When I was a kid, my siblings and I knew there were a few rules we had to follow. Don’t mess with Dad – three whistles meant get to the table by the third or, no dinner. He said, “Listen to what I say. Do as you are told. And most importantly, with freedom comes responsibility.” I’m grateful for the values that those rules and my parents instilled in me. I believe if one’s values are clear, then decisions are easy.

My decision to run for Asheville City Council is easy because of three values I see that need to be restored: Respect for the law, telling the truth, and rewarding the “builders” in our society. Asheville is at a critical turning point. Crime is at an all-time high and our police force is at an all-time low, down over 40%. During protests last summer, police were shouted at, spit at and thoroughly disrespected. I will work to foster a culture of respect in our city, and for our law officers. I am committed to seeing the restoration of APD to its previous staff level within the next two years. As well, I will also demand accountability from our current district attorney related to case dismissals and the release of those with outstanding warrants.     

Leading with the truth should be the bedrock of our local government.  As your councilman, I will provide the level of transparency citizens deserve. I will seek answers to questions regarding expenditures such as the purchase of the Ramada Inn, reparations, and distribution of funds received for Covid Relief and from the American Rescue grant. I will monitor a fiscally responsible city budget and remove prohibitive fees and permits that restrict businesses. 

Telling the truth is the key to being successful and trusted. It is no different for a servant of the community as a city council member. 

It’s not rocket science – what you reward, grows. Asheville supports multiple businesses, a huge service and healthcare industry, teachers, and hard-working citizens. These folks are the “builders” making Asheville a better place to live in. I will support our “builders” and see that city rules incentivize citizens to do good, build businesses, and I will encourage a constructive builder mentality that stimulates our city’s growth, beauty and uniqueness.  

My life and career experiences have prepared me to serve as a member of Council. I have what it takes to contribute to solutions and to accomplish the results that make changes for the better. This expertise is what I bring to Asheville’s city council. Here is the foundation of my platform.

RESPECT: I support and respect Asheville’s law officers. Restoring the police to their former level will restore safety in our communities and businesses. Tourists will experience safe and clean streets again.  

TRUTH: Leading with the truth should be the bedrock of our local government. Council works for the constituents. As your councilman, I will work to provide a high level of transparency, accountability and availability and to gain trust of the residents of Asheville.

SUPPORT THE CONTRIBUTORS: Businesses, people providing services, teaching, rebuilding lives, supporting families… in short – community contributors make Asheville a better place to live in.   I will support the “contributors” of Asheville and see that the city rules incentivise citizens to do good, to build businesses, to encourage the constructive, contributor mentality that stimulates a city’s growth, beauty, and uniqueness.  

UNAFFILIATED: My decision to remain an unaffiliated candidate is based on my belief that in this particular election, it’s not about party…it’s about balance to a very left leaning agenda. It’s not a secret I am conservative, but this time…this election…it’s about doing what is right –  standing up for law, truthfulness and those who contribute to improve our city.    

Doug Brown, candidate for City Council

Work & Life Experiences

1977-1981  –  Started a car washing and detailing business that put me through college.

1981-1982  –  Property manager for homeowner associations in southern CA.  Passed the California Realtor exam.

1982-1984  –  English teacher in Japan

1984-1996  –  Hired by Jostens Inc., a Fortune 500 company to develop a college ring tradition in Japanese Universities. Expanded into the Department of Defense and International School markets in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, and China. Developed Middle East territory in Egypt, Israel, Jordan and the Gulf countries. Founded, trained and ran logistics for four school photography crews serving customers from Jarkarta to Dubai.   

1996-1999 – Raced sailboats in San Francisco; Worked as a publisher’s rep for The Writings of Mary Baker Eddy. Volunteered as a Big Brother for a year.

2000-2012 – My wife & I ran a day care from our home for two years, then moved to Baja California, Mexico from 2008 to 2012.  Volunteered and taught English at our kid’s local school in Loreto Bay BC Mexico.  

2008-2008 – Helped a local friend develop a wood restoration business and expanded it to home maintenance.  

2010-2012 – Cruised the Sea of Cortez and the Mexican Riviera in a 36’ sailboat with family.  

2012 – Managed a friend’s 10-acre apple and pear orchard; homeschooled, built an 8’ Pram sailboat; moved to the Eastern Sierras and camp-hosted for 6 months with the family.

2013-2018 – Resident Counselor at Principia College for international students. Provided a family atmosphere for 40-60 international students over the Christmas, Spring and Summer breaks. The Break House became their family and community.  

2016 – Launched a Toastmasters public speaking chapter in our nearby town of Alton, IL

2017 – Produced a 26 series local podcast called The Riverbend Reach.

2018 to present – Moved to Asheville. Currently help my wife run her resale clothing business. Served three years as Reader in the First Church of Christ, Scientist, Asheville. Attended and competed in the local “New Dimensions” Toastmasters club.

2019-2021 Volunteer/mentor for Journeymen, a local program for young, male teens to find positive, male role models.

2019 – present– Co-leader of a chapter of the National Leadership Council –teaching Servant Leadership principles and Bible-based values to 15 teens from Freshmen to Senior years.